Verus Vent LED

Bathrooms are a constant problem. Odor and moist condition prevail. The frequent use of shower and bath give rise to humid air which encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Conventional exhaust fans only transfer the moist air into roof spaces which promote condensation and pollution. The Verus Vent LED Exhaust provides an inexpensive means of constantly removing musty stale air, bacteria and mold spores from bathroms.

The Verus Vent LED Exhaust is the solution for damp dusty bathrooms. It eliminates particles, vaporous odors, airborne microorganisms and other submicron contaminants. It also introduces cooler, healthier air into the dwelling with the patented electrophoresis process.

The Verus Vent LED Exhaust is the answer for damp dusty bathrooms.




Air Volume: 120 - 180 m3 / hr

Fan: Axial 2650 rpm

Coverage: 8 - 12 m2

UVC System: CCFL 110 Ø mm

Filter: Electro - Stainless Steel

Light: LED Energy Saving 8W / 700 Lumen

Noise Level: 45 dB @ 1m

Voltage: 220 AC

Material: ABS + P Housing / Aluminium Alloy Fender

Dimensions: 155 x 155 x 135 mm

Weight: 850 grams

             *Optional - without LED


1. Effective Performance - remove wet or dry particulates providing versatility in a wide range of applications.

2. Effective energy recovery - recirculates clean indoor air.

3. Easy installation - does not require elaborate ductwork or expensive installation.

4. Affordable installation - no expense to cool air as required with exhaust fans or ducted mechanical exhaust.

5. Ease of access for care and service - minimal maintenance and components replacement.

6. Reduce cleaning and redecorating costs.



Safe and acceptable as healthcare-grade air cleaner:


Complies with safety and certification requirements of international standards.